Wi-Fi Mesh Solutions

Sky-Packets, a division of Corporate Biznis, Inc, is a forward thinking company whose mission is to provide Wi-Fi mesh technology to Property Managers, Developers, Municipalities, Commercial and Business Districts. With Wi-Fi Mesh, Sky-Packets offers a lower-cost, higher service level alternative to accessing high-speed Internet service. By focusing on rapid network deployment and simplified operations, Sky-Packets provides all aspects of wireless network implementation and consulting, including:

  • Virtual Site Surveys
  • Pre-Installation On-Site Inspection
  • System Specification
  • Hardware Acquisition
  • On-Site Installation Services
  • System Configuration
  • Back-end Captive Portal web login screen customization
  • Full System Support

Sky-Packets’ proficiency and leveraging of new technologies are fundamentally changing the economics of providing Internet access around the world.

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